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Polo Ralph Lauren

Who is Ralph Lauren?

Polo Ralph Lauren is a registered trademark belonging to the Ralph Lauren Corporation group. The company, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, generates billions of dollars annually.

Its founder, Ralph Lauren, opened his first tie shop in 1967. A year later he introduced a full line of men's clothing. In 1971 he also opted for women's fashion.

Ralph Lauren is considered one of the most prestigious brands in the world. Within it we can find several independent lines of clothing, home and accessories in different qualities and prices.

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History of the Polo Ralph Lauren Logo

The logo is called the Polo Pony. It is the identifying mark of the brand and recognized throughout the world. Ralph Lauren glanced at the silhouette on a pattern on his ties and immediately knew that it would make an excellent logo for the brand he wanted to develop. After long experiments with dimensions, he managed to create the final version of the emblem.

Today, the Polo Ralph Lauren logo decorates all the brand's garments. It appears in the form of small embroidery, stamping and even illustrations in XL size.

For Ralph Lauren, the polo player encompasses the qualities that he wants to convey through his garments: sportsmanship, luxury, quality and elegance with a certain American flair.

Polo Ralph Lauren as a lifestyle

Polo Ralph Lauren garments do not leave anyone indifferent. His latest collections, in addition to his basics, have colorful garments with a retro air that do not go unnoticed.

Shirts with fun prints, color block t-shirts, sweatshirts with colored stripes, jackets with an extra large logo, and a long etc ... Their cotton pique and gingham check shirts also stand out.

Polo Bear

In 1902 Theodore Roosevelt, president of the United States at the time, embarked on a failed bear hunt. A companion on the excursion managed to tie a bear to a tree so that he could kill it. The president refused.

Some time later, the news about the rescued bear went around the world. Toy bears were made everywhere in honor of the Roosevelt. Among the manufacturers, Richard Steiff, was one of the most successful and famous.

Ralph Lauren's brother, Jerry Lauren, had a large collection of Steiff bears. Collection that would serve as inspiration to create a fashion line.

The Lauren brothers began, in 1990, a tradition that consisted of giving a teddy bear dressed in signature clothing. Each stuffed animal was made in the brand's own workshops.

In 1991 the idea of ​​marketing it came up. And their first New York release, "Preppy Bear", sold out immediately.

Little by little Polo Bear became one of the most recognized icons of the brand. Today many of Polo's sweatshirts and t-shirts are adorned with the best dressed bear in the world.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Sneakers

Polo Ralph Lauren, also offers us sneakers of the highest quality. They are timeless and attractive models at the same time. Easy to combine but they will not leave you indifferent. In addition, we must add the durability of the materials in which they are manufactured.

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Polo Ralph Lauren and sport

Ralph Lauren has associated his name with sport as part of the lifestyle that he wants to convey. In tennis, two of the four tournaments that make up the Grand Slam carry his sponsorship, that of Wimbledon and the US Open.

But in addition, it has also dressed the North American Olympic election. In 2012 he designed the official clothing for the London Olympics, and repeated with the Olympic uniform of athletes at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

All of this has served as a great advertising strategy. Everyone wants to wear Polo, and not only for its designs, but for the feeling of belonging to a lifestyle.

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