Pepe Jeans

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Origin and History of Pepe Jeans 

Pepe Jeans was born in 1973 in Portobello, London. The Shah brothers were in charge of making the business prosper, which only two years later had four stalls in London. The name of the brand "Pepe" was chosen because it was short and easy to remember for the public, to which they added "Jeans", since at first they focused on the sale of jeans.

In the 1980s, the company gained great popularity in Europe due to its clever campaigns with music groups such as The Smiths. In addition, the quality of its garments and its fantastic location make the brand grow exponentially.

Currently the company is in the hands of the Torreal group, the famous group of the Spanish investor Juan Abelló. Over time Pepe Jeans has merged with another renowned English brand, Hackett. In addition to the Iberian Peninsula, the group also controls Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear.

Pepe Jeans and its positioning in the current fashion

Pepe Jeans has become a benchmark brand in Europe. Its designer garments and their high quality position the brand in the actual trending. In recent times, they have developed collaborations with influencers to reach a younger audience. This strategy is aimed at capturing the attention of Millennials and Gen Z, which is currently a great medium to move and share digital content.

In addition to marketing strategies with influencers through sweepstakes and festivals, Pepe Jeans has collaborated with celebrities in their campaigns and has even launched capsule collections signed by them or them. For example, with Dua Lipa. The famous singer and It Girl, has become the muse of the brand. The collection that they present to us is characterized by very feminine silhouettes and with a certain vintage air from the 90's.

Iconic Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans is a brand that, season after season, brings us its iconic basics. Such as the Eggo Men's T-shirt. The Eggo round neck T-shirt is characterized by the printed Pepe Jeans logo. This logo dates back to 1992. There are two models of Pepe Jeans Eggo t-shirts: short sleeves and long sleeves. In addition, it is available in an infinity of colors.

The pants for Women Betty, is the Pepe Jeans London jean that has sold the most. In 1982 one million of these jeans were sold in just one month. Its fantastic fit and its retro style make this garment a must that Pepe Jeans cannot and should not give up. Pepe Jeans jeans flatter your curves without sacrificing comfort. You don't want to get rid of them!

The Spanish brand has recently launched the Pepe Jeans Archive collection, under the slogan 'Embrace the past to inspire the future', it brings together the basics of the past and returns it to us in the best possible version. With it he reintroduces us his iconic logo from the 80's. This collection contains jeans that combine High or Mid-rise with Slim or Relaxed Fit; as well as jackets, sweatshirts and t-shirts that include prints or embroidery of that vintage logo.

Sustainable Fashion 

Pepe Jeans London launches Tru-Blu. A collection that ensures the health of the planet, through its Wiser Wash, an eco-revolutionary washing technology that uses zero toxic chemicals, without wasting water.

With this responsible innovation program, Pepe Jeans London contributes to the eco fashion revolution.

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