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Dr Martens

Dr Martens or Doctor Martens is a British footwear brand. The brand was founded by Klaus Martens, a doctor in Second World War. He created a model of boots that would be more comfortable for the army, with supple leather and air-cushioned soles.

It wasn't until Martens teamed up with his old college classmate, Helbert Funk, that the brand became known; especially among housewives.

In 1952 they opened their first factory in Munich, Germany. In 1959 the British shoe manufacturer R. Griggs Group Ltd. bought the patent to manufacture these shoes in the United Kingdom. Giggs made changes such as reshaping the heel to improve sizing, adding the trademark yellow stitching signature, and patenting air-cushioned soles as AirWair.

Comfort and quality as a hallmark 

Dr Martens footwear is characterized to a greater extent by its exclusive pneumatic suspension, thanks to the air cushioning, which makes these shoes a very comfortable product. Currently, the firm also manufactures a range of accessories and care products for footwear, luggage, etc...

Dr. Martens and his influence on popular culture

In the 60s, the Skinheads, a famous British street gang, took the Dr Martens boots in cherry color as their hallmark. In addition, they added more personality, if possible, by polishing them with black polish.

Dr. Martens boots and shoes also made a dent in other youth subcultures such as the punk, rock, and grunge movement.

In 2003, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy, forcing production to be shifted to China and Thailand. It wasn't until 2007 that they reopened a factory in England called Cobbs Lane Factory. Currently, the Dr Martens brand is stronger than ever, they have known how to adapt to the new times by betting on a totally vegan line of footwear that has become very popular. In addition, the brand has launched several models with platforms in sandals and boots, which have obtained a good response in the current trend.

Dr. Martens today

Martens shoes, like jeans, represented the working class but have now taken on a new status. These shoes are the result of a balance between rebellion, the punk spirit and elegance. The possibilities of these boots are endless and in many cases they are the key to a perfect outfit.

Within its production, the brand continues to develop a collection made exclusively in England. This range of products, as its name indicates, 'Made in England', is about handmade models using traditional methods. This line features the 1460 boot and the 1461 shoe among other Originals.

As we mentioned previously, Dr Martens has a vegan line of footwear for Women, Men and Children. These shoes made with materials of non-animal origin and respectful with the environment, have conquered eco-friendly consumers.

Find the perfect Dr Martens for you

The Dr Martens brand has a wide variety of models for Women, Men and Children. From the most classic icons to the new models. Below we explain in detail some of the most commercial unisex boot models.

  • Boots 1460: It is the original silhouette of the brand. A design that engulfs comfort and style. It is available in a wide range of colors, you just have to worry about finding your favorite.
  • Boot 1490: The rebellious model of Dr Martens. It has ten grommets and is available in a variety of designs with punk details such as tack, buckles or double platform, Jadon.
  • Boots 1914: The brand's tall silhouette, with 14 eyelets.
  • Boots 101: If you're looking for a lower shaft, the Dr Martens 101 model is ideal for you.
  • Boots 2976: This is the famous Chelsea boot

In addition to boots, Dr Martens also has a range of shoes and sandals; all with AirWair sole and iconic back seam or tape. Infinity of colors, textures, embroidery, studs, buckles ... With Dr Martens no shoe model will leave you indifferent.

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