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TRENDclic brings you the best urban brand of the moment: VANS 

Vans is a company that is mainly dedicated to the production of footwear, but it also manufactures clothing and other accessories such as backpacks, fanny packs, etc ... The brand was founded in 1966 in California thanks to the Van Doren brothers. Its main current market is in skateboarding and the urban movement

The Van Doren brothers created a unique business at that time, since they sold footwear that they made themselves. What's more, customers could choose the fabric they wanted their shoes to show off. This is how the concept of personalization that is still valid today was born. The success was resounding, on their first morning they sold twelve pairs, now known as Aunthentic. The slogan 'Canvas shoes for the whole family' appeared on their boxes, but what their creators did not expect was that their shoes would, over time, become a world reference in urban style.

In the 1980s, actor Sean Penn chose Vans as his sneakers for the movie "Fast Times in Ridgemont High" considered the first teen movie of that time. After the movie, sales of the Slip-on sneaker, which were the actor's favorites, soared.

The 90s turned out to be a very favorable decade for Vans with new shoe designs and the rise of the alternative rock scene. Punk-pop arrived with waves of bands like The Offspring, Green Day and many more bands like these that were the flagship of Vans' Warped Tour, a summer festival of urban music. Vans also wins prestigious surfing championships like the Triple Crown Series.

In 1998, Vans opened its first 46,000 square meter outdoor skate park.  

Currently, Vans has positioned itself as one of the largest companies in America, expanding its catalog and reaching all parts of the world. On TRENDclic we have the best collection of Vans for men, women and children, for the whole family to wear their favorite Vans.

How did the checkerboard print come about?

The checkerboard print comes from the hand of the Vans # 48 or Slip-on model. Someone from the design department noticed that skaters were painting the midsole of their shoes. The pattern they drew simulated a chess board. The ska bands '2 Tone' sought to transcend racial tensions in a politically difficult era, and they used the checkerboard pattern as a symbol of racial unity in the UK. The company decided to develop that idea and print the pattern on top of the Slip-Ons. The model was a resounding success and today, many years later, the checkerboard pattern has become an emblem of the brand.

Vans as a Pop Culture Icon

Today, Vans collaborates with designers and trademarks; It is also common to see people from the current scene wearing Vans even on the red carpet. Vans is used with suits, dresses, jeans, skirts, in short the limit is up to you. Fifty years after Van Doren opened his store with his entrepreneurial spirit, Vans has become an empire.

If we had to choose a Vans shoe model that has triumphed among women for a few seasons, it would be the platform Vans. This sole is available in Slip-On, Old Skool and Sk8-Hi models. This type of sole in the sneakers provides a more sophisticated air to the looks while stylizing the figure.

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