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Kappa, People on the Move

Kappa, over time, has become a leading sports style brand today. On TRENDclic we are aware of the latest trends, and therefore, we bring you the best selection of garments from the Italian brand.

To know the birth of Kappa, we must go back to the year 1956; when a defective stock of socks was wrongly distributed on the Italian retail market. The company corrected its mistake and to give credibility to its product it marked the new packages with a K which stood for Kontroli. Little by little that K evolved into Kappa.

Little by little, Kappa became a market leader in socks and underwear. In 1968, Maurizio Vitale, then CEO, had the idea to manufacture casual and unisex clothing. The garments were very well received by the young public. The Omini logo was born by chance in '69 when a man and a woman were photographed sitting on their backs in a photo session. Omini represents equality between men and women and their mutual support.

In the 1970s, Kappa immersed himself in the manufacture of technical sportswear by sponsoring athletes in the Olympic games and soccer teams such as Juventus F.C.

In the 90's, sportswear became fashionable and that was how Kappa had the need to create a tracksuit that all young people wanted to wear. This is how the emblematic 222 tracksuit was born, the first with a vertical repetition of the logo on a side band. This tracksuit became the icon of the brand and was inspired by the costumes of American athletes. It was thanks to celebrities like Mel C (Spice Girls), Oasis, etc ... who appeared in Kappa clothes that the brand was conquering a whole generation.

In 2000 he became the technical sponsor of the Italian soccer team and also sponsored the 2002 World Cup. He created the Kappa Kombat jersey, made of state-of-the-art stretch fabric. This jersey allowed players to complete the game even if the opponents grabbed them, as the fabric stretched almost a meter. This also facilitated refereeing, which was a true revolution in the world of football.

In 2016 Kappa returns to the world street style scene thanks to its iconic products that caught the attention of international stylists and designers. Today, any young urbanite has a Kappa garment in his wardrobe.

And what are you waiting for to get a Kappa look?

Kappa Authentic Label

The Kappa collections are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the contemporary lifestyle. The Authentic Label collection draws inspiration from the iconic and valuable heritage of the brand to reinterpret it in a new way every time. Vintage style is more fashionable than ever. Classic garments that are constantly reinvented without losing their essence and that are imposed as a trend.

Kappa represents a lifestyle. TRENDclic has for you the best Kappa collections including, of course, the Kappa Authentic Label. Sweatshirts, T-shirts, tracksuit and jackets full of color and details in the purest vintage style but in perfect harmony with innovative fabrics and technological advances.

In addition, we also have Kappa's star garment: the 222 band tracksuit for women and men. Get it and become an urban icon, it can also combine perfectly with socks, bags and many more accessories to create a total Kappa look.

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