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In TRENDclic Multibrand we bring you the best collections of the German sports brand Adidas for women, men and children. We can affirm that Adidas is a pioneer brand in sports fashion and also, today, it has managed to take over the world of street fashion or Street Style.

Adidas was positioned for decades in an exclusive market for sports use. But with the new urban style, the tracksuit has become fashionable and the German brand has managed to take advantage of the situation to achieve a benchmark position in this market niche.

The Dassler brothers and their influence on sports fashion

The origin of Adidas dates back to the 1920s, in the German city of Herzogenaurach. There, the Dassler brothers made sports shoes in the family business. Adolf Dassler, known as Adi, was in charge of product development and Rudolf Dassler was in charge of business and public relations. Thanks to the sports shoe prototypes created by Adi, the company managed to collaborate with the national athletics team. World fame came when, in 1936, during the Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens won four medals with the first spikes, produced by Dassler.

The company, like the vast majority of companies, suffered a great crisis during the war. In addition, the brothers decided to separate for political reasons. At the end of the war, each of them founded their own company. This is how Puma was born, under the command of Rudolf and the multinational Adidas in the hands of Adi.

As a curious fact to highlight; the Dassler brothers, despite their bad relationship, founded these companies side by side in their hometown.

Keys to Adidas success 

As a marketing strategy, Adi Dassler focused on the opinion and advice of athletes, creating with them products that help them increase their performance. At the same time, these collaborations would serve to put the brand in the media spotlight and thus promote it in the world.

Adidas created in 1970 the Telstar, an official World Cup ball, which was designed to improve visibility on black and white television. This is how it entered the world of football, becoming an official supplier to FIFA, designing a specific ball for each World Cup.

Adidas also dresses various national teams, like the Spanish Soccer Team, also to various NBA teams, European leagues, etc ...

In recent years, Adidas has diversified its market by also offering a wide selection of casual wear. These are lines that merge sportwear with streetstyle. On numerous occasions, she collaborates with celebrities and famous designers like Rita Ora, Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto, Fiorucci, and a long etc... thus creating irresistible collections.

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Adidas symbols

  • Three stripes: it is the most identifying symbol of Adidas, the cornerstone of the brand. This is because it has been his image since 1949. The stripes symbolize variety.
  • The Shamrock: In 1971, the company introduced the shamrock, which represents the three parts of the world where you can buy Adidas products.
  • The mountain: In 1991, another version was born with three sloping stripes that resemble a mountain. With this logo, Adidas wants to convey the idea of overcoming challenges and pursuing your dreams with effort and dedication.
  • Circular logo: In 2000 a new logo was created that represents a circle crossed by three curved lines. This represents the globe. With it, he wants to represent the rapid adaptation of the brand to generational changes.

Today all four logos are used. Depending on the product we purchase, we can find one or the other. All three stripes can appear on any product. The shamrock in the Originals line. The mountain is used in the Performance line for professional athletes. And finally, the circle appears in Street Style collections.

Buy Adidas star sneakers in TRENDclic

  • Stan Smith: They were created in the 1960s, as the first Adidas shoe to play tennis. Years later they renamed it, thanks to a collaboration with tennis player Stan Smith, hence its name. A portrait of the tennis player was added to the reed. The classic model is white with green details. It is a very comfortable and versatile leather shoe. Stan Smith sneakers fit into any modern and trendy look. Do not miss yours. With TRENDclic you can enjoy of an express shipping.
  • Superstar: Pioneering sneakers in basketball and in the Hip Hop movement. They were launched in 1970 by Chris Severn and since then they have not stopped being sold with different collaborations such as Prada. Made of leather with a reinforced rubber toe cap, it is a white canvas that can adapt to all lifestyles and cultures.

These two models are the iconic classics of the brand. Today we have a large number of models of Adidas shoes such as the Continental, Grand Court, etc. Don't worry because there is an ideal Adidas shoe for you. Dive into our online store and you will find it.

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