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G-Star Raw

G-Star Revolution

G-Star was born in the Netherlands in 1989. It became famous in 1996 for the world's first fashion brand that introduced the first three-dimensional denim in history. The model was called G-Star Elwood. Since then, the brand has not stopped surprising with cosmopolitan and original collections.

G-Star has chosen blue as its corporate color. Its philosophy is based on the perfect union of art and innovation to shape denim silhouettes that seek to make an impact, without sacrificing comfort. Patterns loaded with urban influences and avant-garde, where raw (untreated denim) evolves.

The Dutch brand was able to enter the market at a key moment, in which the other brands manufactured the same denim pattern. But they, providing a more modern and urban style, managed to cover that market niche that demanded something different from what already existed.

Currently, G-Star has more than 7,000 points of sale throughout the world. The company focuses on the out-retailer and renounces its own stores and promotes franchises or corner points in physical and online multi-brand spaces such as TRENDclic.

G-Star and the environment

G-Star has been involved with caring for the environment. He wants to raise awareness about how important it is to take care of the world around us. In 2014, he created, together with Bionic Yarn and artist Pharrell Williams, Raw for the Oceans. This eco initiative consists of transforming the plastic found in the oceans into a new innovative denim, designed with premium quality yarns and fabrics, made with fibers from recycled plastic bottles.

Bionic Yarn is a pioneer in offering the first eco-friendly, high-performance yarn that is environmentally friendly and represents the fourth generation of spun fabric in the history of commercial textile production.

With initiatives such as 'Raw for de Oceans', G-Star has been faithful to its 'Just the Product' philosophy.

Today G-Star has gone from using organic cotton in certain collections to using it throughout the collection. As a strategy, the vast majority have focused on manufacturing the best-selling styles in this type of cotton, and thus achieve consuming a greater amount of sustainable raw material. They are also working on different innovative techniques to wash denim without harming the planet, such as ozone bleaching.

G-Star denim world

On TRENDclic we have the best selection of G-Star jeans for men:

  • Model 3301: Jeans with five reinforced pockets. Skinny cut. Skin patch. Hidden seams.
  • Revend: A timeless classic, this is the intensified version of the classic 5-pocket jean. Slim fit. Chunky stitching and riveted reinforcements for a modern look. Buttoned closure.
  • Arc or Authentic Faded Model: 3D Design Structure. Twisted seams create an arched cut that wraps the leg. The result is a snug, comfortable fit that makes it easy to move. You don't want to get rid of it.

G-Star Sweatshirts, T-shirts and Jackets

Despite the fact that the star garment of the brand are the pants; G-Star also offers us an attractive collection of tops that go perfectly with your jeans, chinos and shorts.

Sweatshirts have become a versatile everyday garment, they are no longer only used for sports. On TRENDclic, your best online multi-brand store, we are aware of this change and we bring you a fantastic selection of G-Star sweatshirts.

You can combine your favorite sweatshirt with one of the G-Star t-shirts that we have available on our website. And if what you want is to achieve a total look, you only have to buy the G-Star jacket that you like the most.

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