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Napapijri, Italian brand in pure Norwegian style 

Napapijri was born in 1987 in Mont Blanc, Italy. Despite being an Italian brand, Napapijri challenged creativity with its Finnish origin name and the Norwegian flag as its logo. 'Napapiiri' is a Finnish term used to refer to the Arctic Circle. The brand's mountaineering spirit is reflected in company advertising and marketing where travel, adventure and environmental awareness are the main themes.

The brand was born when a manufacturer of travel bags created the Bering Bag. A backpack that combines innovative materials without neglecting style and that is designed for large expeditions. At sixty centimeters long, the Bering Bag includes everything you need for a unique trip. The backpack was so successful that in 1990, the company began designing and producing clothing and accessories.

The Eskimo style and its wisdom have inspired the creation of two star garments: the Skidoo and Rainforest kangaroo jackets or anorak.

The evolution of the brand to a strong global presence is undeniable. Napapijri clothing is not only used for expeditions and sports in extreme climates, but has also filtered into the urban market thanks to its adventurous philosophy, which has been very well received by the new generations.

Napapijri continue to adapt their manufacturing and product creation practices in accordance with animal and environmental welfare. Always looking for innovation and improvement. Currently their collections are 100% free of fur and feathers. But this does not end here, Napapijri will continue to research more sustainable materials and production methods. The objective is to reduce the environmental impact and manufacture products that reflect the main motto of the company: Do it better.

Every campaign, every article created through a forward-looking narrative. In Napapijri they don't settle for anything! For them, everything can be improved. Confident of their past, they move towards the future with optimism, seeking to discover new possibilities, forms and technologies. And this fighting spirit turns the brand into a world reference that will surely accompany us for many years in both urban and expedition fashion.

In short, we do not believe we are exaggerating in stating that the history of Napapijri is written on the peaks of the world.

Napapijri´s icons

Napapijri offers us a wide range of products for women, men and children; but perhaps the garments that deserve a separate mention are the following:

  • Skidoo Anorak: Skidoo is Napapijri's hooded anorak and the first jacket designed by the brand. Its signature pattern is defined by the iconic flap pocket on the front, two kangaroo pockets on the side and an adjustable waist. Skidoo is made with a padded Thermo-Fiber ™ insulation system without down, with this garment Napapijri reaffirms its commitment to the use of sustainable materials.
  • Rainforest Kangaroo: The Rainforest Kangaroo is characterized by a very detailed design and elaboration. It is a timeless, high-quality garment that has become the brand's flagship. The Rainforest jacket has seasonal variations such as fleece in winter and mesh in summer. We can also find it in two versions: with or without pockets.
  • Infinity Rainforest: Design, sustainability and innovation come together to create a 100% recyclable mono-material anorak. With Infinity, Napapijri, explore the possibilities of circularity. The padding and edges are made of nylon 6, while the fabric is ECONYL® regenerated nylon, a high-performance yarn recycled from fishing nets. 

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