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Lacoste is a French brand for high-quality fashion and accessories. On TRENDclic we offer you the best Lacoste products for women and men through a comfortable and simple online shopping process.

René Lacoste, a crocodile on his way.

Lacoste was born in France in 1923, by a famous tennis player named René Lacoste, who was the winner of the famous Davis Cup.

The logo of the brand is due to René Lacoste, who was nicknamed 'The Crocodile' by his acquaintances and by his followers. This nickname stems from a bet that René made, in which a crocodile skin bag was played. Bet that sadly he lost but instead served to give his future brand a badge.

René had a crocodile embroidered on the lapels of his jackets and thus the famous and world-renowned logo of the Green Crocodile was born. In addition, Lacoste was the first brand to incorporate an embroidered logo on its garments.

His son Bernard, took over from the firm when his father passed away, and promoted the firm throughout the world. Lacoste is currently present in more than 120 countries.

The Polo, Lacoste's star garment

As we said before, René Lacoste was a visionary. That is why he revolutionized the tennis fashion of the 20's by creating the first polo shirt.

The tennis player was aware of the discomfort of the tennis outfit, so he shortened the sleeves of the tennis shirt, thus the polo was born.

Lacoste currently offers us a wide range of polo shirts for everyday wear and for sports. In casual everyday polo we find four different patterns, in long sleeve or short sleeve.

  • Classic Fit Polo: Straight cut, wide sleeves and two-button placket. Iconic crocodile in green.
  • Slim Fit Polo: Fitted cut. We can find it in several different materials and its insignia, the crocodile, is also often incorporated in different styles.
  • Regular Fit Polo: Regular and classic cut.
  • Paris Polo: French elegance. Tighter cut in elastic petit piqué. Shirt collar, concealed buttons and matching crocodile.

Sports polo shirts, generally signed by tennis players, are made of Ultra-dry polyester fabric that facilitates perspiration. The crocodile badge appears heat sealed in the highest quality.

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Lacoste 'Unconventional Chic' campaign

Unconventional Chic was a strategy launched in 2010 with which Lacoste, with the support of brand actions such as sponsoring, merchandising, product positioning and equipment for media stars such as tennis players; reached more stable customers. The campaign consisted of photographing four top models, such as Jon Kortajarena, with the classic Lacoste polo shirt (the L12.12 model). It was broadcast by all the media and was designed by Betc Luxe with the help of photographers such as Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot.

Thanks to this campaign, Lacoste renewed its image and positioned itself in a younger segment of the public.

Lacoste Live

The Lacoste Live line was born in 2011, with the need to adapt to new trends and focus garments towards a more modern and current line.

It is a contemporary and unisex collection, which supports the motto 'Genderless'. At Lacoste Live, garments loaded with design are born; with risky prints, wide or slim cuts that are designed for both Women and Men.

Lacoste Sport x Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has become Lacoste's new 'Crocodile'. The tennis player has worked closely with Lacoste's artistic director to design a comfortable Sport line adapted to the game.

This sports line, as Djokovic specified, is a tight fitting kit. Garments made of lightweight fabrics with Ultra-dry technology, which facilitate movement and breathability.

The collection includes polo shirts, t-shirts, shorts, and even accessories of the highest quality. All of them previously supervised and under the approval of the Serbian tennis player.

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