What was on your mind when the first time you heard about the crocodile logo and polo shirt? Surely you will immediately think "Lacoste". Then, you're right! 

Lacoste founded in 1933 by a French tennis player named René Lacoste, it is currently one of the most famous brands in the world. 

The most famous Lacoste Polo Shirt is classic L1212, because this polo is the first polo created by Lacoste and become very famous in the world of sports. The fabric of this brand has very high comfort quality, the polo shirt is made of very lightweight woven material called "Petit Piqué", as we knew, Petit Piqué is made from the highest quality cotton. The fibres are chosen for their softness, resistance and purity.

By the early 2000s, a French designer named Christopher Lemaire took over the design of the Lacoste brand in an effort to develop a sleeker and more luxurious appearance. As a result, the popularity of the clothing was rejuvenated and Lacoste's clothes were now very in demand and available in almost all high-class department stores.

Now Lacoste has developed design products such as shirts, shoes, pants, jackets and other accessories for men, women and children. provides many lifestyle choices for those of you who love elegant sporty styles. 

Find your elegant sporty style just here with us!

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