Only and the love of denim

Only is a clothing line within the British company Bestseller. It is an international brand created for young women that has become a leading brand in Europe, especially in the denim world. Only is sold in more than 4500 stores. The Only girl is always effortlessly trendy. Only describes fashion as a creative space where people can experience different attitudes and appearances.

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Ecological commitment

Recently, Bestseller has partnered with Canopy and Pack4Good, to carry out an environmental fight. The objective is to eliminate the use of cellulose, paper and packaging that come from ancient forests or, failing that, in danger of extinction.

Canopy creates Canopystyle, an initiative that seeks to keep endangered forests away from artificial cellulosic production such as viscose and modal. Pack4Good focuses on avoiding the felling of ancient trees to make packaging. The situation is dire and the numbers speak for themselves. Every year three billion trees are cut down for wrapping or packaging and another 150 million are used to produce viscose.

Bestseller is committed to sourcing 100% cellulosic fibers responsibly. These environmental initiatives make a difference as they create demand to change supply chains and implement more sustainable sourcing practices that, over time, will facilitate their use by other companies in the sector. 

Fashion Only

Only is the women's favorite Bestseller fashion line and its collections leave no one indifferent season after season. The brand has become, over time, a benchmark for style. This is due to the perfect combination of current designs with prices within everyone's reach; all this without giving up good qualities.

  • T-shirts: The brand offers us a wide range of t-shirts. Short-sleeved, sleeveless, V-neck, round neck, basic, with prints ... and an endless number of models. It is usual that each season, Only collaborates with a brand, musical group or cinema. These collaborations are reflected with graphic illustrations, which generally appear on T-shirts. For example: Only x Penauts, Only x Rolling Stones, etc ...
  • Pants: Paper Bag, Coulotte, pleated, high rise, ... no matter what pants you are looking for, Only will have one perfect for you. It is worth highlighting in this category the jogger pants par excellence, the Poptrash model, a basic that is repeated every season but that, without a doubt, suits everyone.
  • Dresses and jumpsuits: Only's collections of dresses and jumpsuits are irresistible. They are pieces full of style that many times save you from what can I wear today? And with just one garment you will be perfect for any occasion. Elegant and timeless floral, ethnic or even basic prints.
  • Jeans: A must have within the brand. Only jeans are elastic and fit perfectly to the silhouette of women, enhancing and styling. Shapes Skinny fit, Boot Cut, Slim fit, Flared, ... and many more perfect cuts for you.

In addition, Only offers us a wide range of sweatshirts, outerwear, skirts, shorts, accessories and much more each season. We are sure that the Only brand will not disappoint you and what's more, it will make you repeat!

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