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Naf Naf

Naf Naf in the history

Naf Naf is a French brand that offers us clothes with a Parisian chic spirit. In TRENDclic we know what you need and we bring you the best of Naf Naf´s collection through a fast and secure purchase process.

In 1973, thanks to the vision of the brothers Patrick and Gérard Pariente,was born Naf Naf as what we now know. The brothers opened a store on the Cairo Passage in Paris, called Influence. The brand was a great success with French women. In 1978, the first collection was born under the name of Naf Naf. It was not until ten years later, in 83, when Naf Naf gained momentum in Europe thanks to its star garment, the jumpsuit. The secret was in making complete cotton pieces that they would later dye in all colors.

In 1984, an advertising campaign for Franck Davidovici called "Le Grand Méchant Look" was run, in which they described themselves in the market as a young, fresh and very feminine brand. The Parisian style has always been in trend, it remains in time thanks to the immovable DNA that chic style gives off, the also called "Je ne sais quoi". Princess Estefanía of Monaco is published in the press in 1986, wearing a striped shirt from the French firm, the media reaction is so overwhelming that this garment becomes a fashion icon of the time.

In the 90s, Naf Naf expands around the world. It is associated with L'Oreal and creates a perfume that shapes the brand. In addition, redecorations are carried out in the existing warehouses, with a very sophisticated style, as if you were entering an apartment. In 2007 Vivarte bought Naf Naf, changed the logo and evolved towards an ultra feminine concept in its campaigns.

Currently Naf Naf has established itself as an attractive brand with great character and personality. All this is due to the infallible designs of their garments and of course, thanks to their campaigns full of color and idyllic locations. 

Get your parisian look

Do you want to become a muse of Parisian chic style? In TRENDclic we have everything you need at the best price.

  • Sailor T-shirt: Naf Naf offers us a large number of models of navy t-shirts that you will combine perfectly with jeans or flared pants. Coco Chanel was the first woman to wear this navy style that we like so much and that has never gone out of style.
  • Maxi Dress: Boho or naive style, they are pieces that give off that French chic without the need to wear anything else. Naf Naf designs a host of maxi dresses with clean cuts and romantic details.
  • Jeans: The French woman knows that she can be beautiful with any basic. A jeans is a garment that can not be missing in your wardrobe. And also, thanks to its shapes and fabrics, you are assured of comfort.
  • Basic coat: It does not matter if it is sailor style or cocoon cut. Clean cut coats are a must have season after season. In our online store, we have a wide variety of Naf Naf coats, you just have to choose the one you like the most.
  • Basic sweater and cardigans: Essential in any season of the year. Naf Naf knit is known for its high quality, it is fabrics that are pleasant to the touch and very resistant to pilling.

In short, with the Naf Naf collection we can find the formula for that chic look that you like so much. It is not about having many clothes in your closet but having a significant number of basics and accessories to combine. Sobriety is one of the characteristics of the Parisian style, so the basics become the best ally. Quality basics, like those from Naf Naf, with a nod to the minimalist style. When it comes to colors, neutrals are always a good choice.

At TRENDclic Multibrand we take to your home everything you need from Naf Naf in express delivery. In addition, just by registering in our Newsletter, you will get a 10% direct discount on the new collection. Don't think about it and become a passionate icon with Naf Naf clothes.